How to Produce a Deck | AKAMARA Tarot

How to Produce a Deck | AKAMARA Tarot

So I have received a lot of questions on how to go about producing a deck. In the future, I will defer to this blog post and the adjoining e-book as I will try my best to include everything I think is imperative to understand about this process.


I don't know why this hasn't been done before.

 A Guide to Deck Making.

Do not let any part of this e-book dissuade you. It is what I learned through trial and error. If I, Lolu, someone who was looking at the very REAL possibility of being homeless as I was going through the start-up, you can do this. YOU CAN DO THIS! If you're sitting comfortably in ya house as you read this, you already doing better than I was when this all began.  


First caveat, I would not implore anyone to start this if they're searching for a get-rich-quick scheme. Making decks is a costly endeavor, and you must remember the costs of materials to get started, such as: 


  • Samples (will elaborate on my opinion of this) 
  • Decks (I will offer a few manufacturers based on a low, mid, and high cost basis.)
  • Professional services (Editing, Hiring an Artist if you do not plan on designing your deck)
  • Shipping Materials
  • Shipping (I will suggest a few discount shipping platforms)
  • Marketing
  • Business materials: Laptop, design software, office space if you want one
  • Taxes


The e-book covers tips on Brand Identity with tips from Maria at AstroSoul UK who elaborates on Naming, Color Theory, Logo style, Communication and Voice, and Imagery. We then delve into specs of the deck you'd like to create, where to find manufacturers with some recommendations of my own, how much this endeavor costs on the very low end as well to the very high end, as well as how to nail your crowd funding campaign on Kickstarter and Indiegogo. 


Pretty much everything a person would or could want to know on how to get started creating tarot decks!



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