The Purpose & About Akamara

My main purpose here in the ATR community is to strive to deliver products that encompass the richness present in our ancient traditions given to those who, without them none of this would be possible. That means I know the true heart and soul of the community rest in the hands of rugged traditionalists who seek academic understanding of our practices, quality offerings, potent spiritual connection and authentic and raw love for this. I am committed to providing the best raw ingredients, lineage-given juju, bold design, lush packaging, 9 generations of knowledge and quality of the highest form. The over arching principle with this tool box, is for my fellow children of the African Diaspora to dig deep in our ancestral DNA, and find the voice of our collective ancestors that are desperately trying to illuminate the path that shines a burning light on our best selves.


Now with formalities out of the way, I'm Lolu, and I am the maker and mind of Akamara Tarot. A brick and mortar and online store centering the keeper's of the craft. I am a 9th generation medium, diviner, and practitioner specializing in spiritualism, herbalism, ceremonial magic, conjuration, and root-working.