Store Policy

Pre-Orders and Restock:

Restocks are announced via newsletter, Instagram and Facebook. Pre-orders can take up to 6 months to be shipped out. As they are available on the manufacturer’s schedule, not mine.


  • AKAMARA strives to ship orders in the time frame given, if there are delays you will be notified.
  • You are responsible for making sure your shipping information is accurate and up to date. If packages are shipped to the wrong address provided and are returned, it is your responsibility to pay for shipping to the correct address. If orders are delivered to the wrong address provided and aren’t returned, then the matter can’t be rectified.
  • Pre-orders are charged at the time of ordering - refunds are not applicable as the money is used to print the decks.



"I didn’t receive a response when I messaged on Instagram?"

The best and most efficient way of contact is via

Direct Messages come in frequently so unfortunately, not all get read. 

"When will I receive my order?"
Due to this being a one woman operation, I have a 3 week turnaround for most orders, as I answer, pack, and ship all orders by myself and it can be fairly time consuming. I apologize for the length of time in advance, until I hire more help, I have to be realistic with how much I can get done in an 8 hour work day. If you are ordering for a birthday or the holidays, please take this time line in consideration. 

"I am international and the 2 weeks time frame has come and gone!"
While it most often takes 2 weeks, it can take longer depending on your country's customs protocol. Unfortunately, AKAMARA Tarot has no power in that process. AKAMARA Tarot can not contact customs, nor postal offices.

My cards are damaged”

Should you find that your deck has been damaged, please get in contact via with photos of the damage and I will strive to rectify it. Please refrain from harsh, inflammatory or condescending language - this is a one woman show and I try my best to be accommodating. :) If your inquiry is intended to disparage me or my work, your order will be canceled, packages will be rerouted and you will be banned. 


Please note I reserve the right to cancel/refuse any orders for any reason such as low stock, vacation delays, or unsavory communication.


Allowable Card Issues:

Manufacturer error such as blank cards, double printed cards, broken lapel pins, missing gilded edges, et al.

If you live in areas with inclement weather, please provide shipping accommodations to insure your package is left in a secure, dry place.


"Do you offer refunds?"

All orders are non-refundable unless cancelled. At this time, due to the print pre-order on demand nature of this collection, refunds are not applicable because the funds go towards printing the decks. At my discretion refunds may be sent minus shipping costs. Please be sure of your purchase and address at the time of order placed. 


"Can I cancel/Return my order?" 

Yes, if the package has not yet been shipped. If it has been shipped, the order cannot be refunded. Returns are permitted if errors are found to cause your deck to be defective. Perfectly good decks are not accepted for return.


Should an issue regarding quality arise, exchanges are applicable, however, you must be in contact within 10 days of the shipping for CA/US parcels or, 14 days for international parcels. If the complaint falls outside of those timely parameters, the issue can not be resolved. If you would like a refund, returning the item is required and the initial shipping cost will be deducted from the refund issued. For returned items, consider using a tracking service or insurance - as untracked items don’t guarantee delivery.


Packages deemed “Undeliverable” and thus returned, or “Lost” fall outside of the realm of AKAMARA Tarot’s responsibility once the package has been shipped and is scanned "Delivered". However, USPS can be contacted with a insurance claim on your behalf - with adequate proof - to try and recover a full or partial refund at their expense if the shipping information provided is indeed, correct.


I am interested in wholesale, how can I place an order?
Get in contact via with your request. :)


 AKAMARA Tarot creates paper card decks, posters and other merchandise that are sold as a curio. These products are not a means of substitution from common sense or professional guidance.